What is WePet?

Professionals willing to help you with the the care of your pet. Whatever your need, we will be there for you and your pet.

Access a veterinarian through your WePet application, which allows you to register immediately and be advised by a professional in real time through a video call.

Call us for advice on health, wellness, nutrition, behavior, exercise and much more!

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We love animals as much as you do!

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What does WePet offer?


We give you advice and answer any question you may have about the health of your pet.


If you have detected a problem or pathology, if you are not sure, but you think something might be wrong with your pet or your pets well-being, contact us.


We help you improve the life of your pet, in order to achieve a well-being day-to-day routine and outcome.


We can give you the necessary guidelines so that your pet has the best diet for its health.


Always taking into account their breed, needs, pathologies, etc.


We help you so that your pet is trained in the better possible way.


If you have a puppy and you don’t know what to do; if you have adopted an animal and you want to help it adapt to its new home and family; or if you just have any questions about your pet.


We are here to help you!


Movement is essential for the health and wellness of almost all animals. Our team will help you learn the best exercise routines according to the needs of your pet.


Playing with your pet or letting them play is a really important part of their health and happiness.


We can give you ideas on how you can play with them and create good and healthy habits.


We can help you with any issue related to your pet. Call us and just let us know what you need!

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